Instead of installing solar panels onto existing roof tiles, ZEP manufactures ceramic roof tiles with integrated solar cells to make the original vision for the roof compatible with solar technology.

ZEP’s solar-integrated roof tiles don’t just look great, they offer an additional advantage: they’re a space-efficient solution to rooftops constrained by obstacles like chimneys and skylights.

The solar roof tiles measure 487 x 296 mm (roughly 19 x 12 inches) and incorporate mono-crystalline solar cells of 156 x 156 mm (roughly 6 x 6 inches). The efficiency is advertised as 18.49 percent, which stacks up reasonably well compared to the standard black panel efficiency of around 20 percent.

You can find a full list of specs of the products here:

Roof cleaning and maintenance services will be available to ZEP NZ customers, too.
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