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With a ZEP NZ solar roof, you have options. Use it as a hybrid solution, or generate more than enough electricity to go completely off the grid. The system provides uninterrupted power, and lowers your energy bill significantly. It also reduces your carbon-footprint, which makes this ingenious solar roof tiles solution a sustainable choice.

Each building and every roof is different, which means that every ZEP NZ solar roof tiles solution is custom designed. Your new solar roof tiles quickly pays for themselves, and pricing of a ZEP NZ solar roof tiles solution is comparable to that of traditional solar panels. The added bonus is: it looks so much better!

PLEASE NOTE: The ZEP NZ Solar Roof Tiles System is currently undergoing certification for the New Zealand market, and will be available soon. If you would like more information about this revolutionary roofing system or register your interest, call (+64) 027 925 10 31 or 0800 155 227 (NZ) or use the form below.

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